We are a Hummingbird Partner

Rugby Against Cancer are pleased to announce our new partnership with We Are Hummingbird. Having looked at different options to help and support those dealing with Cancer in any capacity, we were really impressed by Ian’s vision and eagerness to come on board to offer support to those that need it.

On our Partnership Ian Hurst had this to say- “Anyone diagnosed, or effected first hand by someone who is diagnosed, with cancer will appreciate the huge mental strain that goes hand in hand with the physical illness. This is often overlooked; however, we want to provide practical help and support to anyone who needs it and reduce the gap between finding the appropriate professional services, whatever that may be for their individual needs.

Partnering with agile, innovative organisations such as Rugby Against Cancer is an honour, being able to support in any way we can is a privilege. 

So who are “We Are Hummingbird”?

‘We are Hummingbird’ (WAHB) was formed 5 years ago after the tragic suicide of a close friend. It was this loss that inspired the creation of WAHB and our goal, to try and prevent, where possible, it happens to others. A growing social community is being created, affectionately known as ‘Hummingbirds’, who look after each other as well as their friends.

We believe, when it comes to Mental Health, that it should have the same care and attention given to it as physical health.

Through thoughtful created, hand-picked Spotify playlists, intimate acoustic sessions on our YouTube channel and a growing presence at musical events, we are telling more people our story. Our aim is to encourage awareness of good Mental Health and suicide prevention. In the last year, we have broadened our reach again through our exciting and rapidly growing Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) and Suicide Prevention & Intervention (SFA) training company. In workplaces and individual groups, we are giving people the tools required to support and manage their and other mental health. All with the aim to reduce the time taken for people to find the help they need, one day and one person at a time, WAHB is attempting to change the perception of Mental Health and suicide through music.

If you would like to become a ‘Hummingbird’ and get involved, google us and give us a like, follow or message :






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