About Us

Who are Rugby Against cancer?

The rugby family is a tribe. A bond that cannot be broken between people who genuinely love, trust, care about and look out for each other.  

Rugby Against Cancer are here to support that family. 

Cancer does not discriminate and can affect anybody, so we want to be there for those that need it. Be that rugby players who have been diagnosed with cancer themselves, the family of rugby players or those that don’t play anymore but are still involved in the rugby community.  

We are a non-profit organization that are here to help those that need our support to make their situation a little bit easier to deal with. No-one should deal with a cancer diagnosis alone, and through the power of rugby we want to help those whose lives have been affected by cancer. 

Founded by Aaron, a rugby player and assisted by 4 fellow trustees, we personally know how important the strong rugby family is for support, and therefore we want to do our bit and help those within this amazing community.  

What do Rugby Against cancer do?

1. Host regular fundraising events throughout the year to raise money to be able to provide grants and pick-me-ups for those in the rugby community affected by a cancer diagnosis

2. Raise awareness across our platforms including sharing personal stories of the R.A.C family and share that cancer does not discriminate and there is hope and support out there.  

Rugby Against Cancer is currently growing to become bigger and better now we are a registered charity – we can then provide more support to the rugby family. Keep your eyes peeled for exciting news!

a word from Aaron - the founder

“You’re probably wondering how this all started?

I have been playing rugby for over 20 years, playing in Portsmouth for 6-7 of those years and I love every minute of it. Within Portsmouth and the surrounding area there are six rugby union sides: Southsea Nomads, US Portsmouth, Portsmouth, Gosport, Havant and Fareham. Plus, a league side – US Portsmouth Seahawks. A lot of teams in a small area.

Personally, I know five people who have or have had cancer that are involved in these local clubs and have seen how it has affected those people, their teammates and those that know them. I have also had very close family and friends who have had cancer and seen first-hand the effect that this awful disease has on them, their family and their friends.

With that in mind, I was thinking how to raise valuable funds for local and national charities to help those people. And it just clicked. RUGBY!

The rugby family truly comes together to support each other. It is amazing how much they pull together to help others when in need. So it got me thinking could I use rugby to help raise funds for these amazing charities?

Well the answer was YES!

I decided to call on the rugby family to help me raise as much money for these amazing charities so they can continue their amazing work.

Starting as just a small idea for the local clubs in Hampshire, it is already growing outside of the area and it is exciting just how big this could get!

With the rugby family’s help, we want to spread awareness that there is support, you’re not alone and the rugby family are here for you.”

Aaron Beesley

Founder, Rugby Against Cancer<

Aaron walking on Trek 2 Twickers 2020

Please check out the rest of our website for more information about us, how you can get involved to spread the RAC message and take a look at our stash page!  

Follow us on social media channels for our latest news or get in touch at letstalk@rugbyagainstcancer.com if you are looking for support or would like to get involved. 

Our inboxes are always open.