join the rugby against cancer family


We are looking for professional rugby players, referees or associates that have had or are having their own battles with cancer, whether personally, a family member or a close friend.

We would like you to share your story, have you represent our organisation online and at future events (where possible), and actively promote the charity to help reach a wider audience in the rugby family to support more people.

Please get in touch with to discuss more.

Professional Ambassadors

Maybe you don’t have your own personal story but you are interested in helping Rugby Against Cancer achieve their goals to support others in the rugby family who are battling themselves? 

We are also looking for professional rugby players or referees that understand our cause and would like to help promote the charity to a wider audience, support us online in our campaigns and possibly attend events in the future.

Please get in touch with to discuss more  

Local Ambassadors

If you are a non-professional player, club coach, staff member or volunteer, we would like you to promote our values and help our fundraising campaigns. We are looking for an ambassador per club across the UK, you must be over 18 to volunteer for us. There will be subsidised stash for local ambassadors and discount codes for clubs.

Club Connection

We are looking for rugby clubs across the UK to partner with, advertising our organisation at your club and online, and potentially host future events. There will be subsidised stash for local ambassadors and discount codes for clubs

Share Your Story

We are looking for rugby players, families and close friends of the rugby family to share their story with Rugby Against Cancer.

We want to share the struggles and the successes during your battle with cancer, and with sharing your story allowing those currently dealing with cancer feel like they are not alone and to raise awareness for cancer.

Please get in touch with to discuss more.

Volunteer For Us

We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic individuals to join the team to help organise, run events and fundraise at our events.

If you have a talent you think would be beneficial please get in touch!

Please get in touch with to discuss more

Enter Your Team Now

Enter our upcoming Super Social 10’s Tournament and have a great time whilst raising money for a fantastic cause!