On Saturday 29th to Sunday 30th May 2021, 60 walkers will take on an 80-mile walk in a target of 32 hours. 

The walkers will begin outside of Guy’s Hospital Cancer Care Centre on Saturday morning, joined by members of Guy’s Hospital RFC – the oldest rugby club in the world, they will then cross the Capital before heading through Hampshire returning to Portsmouth Rugby Club to a hero’s welcome. 

Our fundraisers are from grassroots rugby clubs across the UK including Portsmouth, Havant, Gosport, Plymstock Albions, Tadley, Truro, Saracens Amateurs, Harlequins Amateurs and Guy’s Hospital RFC. 

This fundraising event is being completed to help raise funds and much needed awareness for Rugby Against Cancer as in November 2020 we were officially a registered charity.  

We are not only excited to be able to take on the challenge, but we are looking forward to being able to give back to those that need support.  

PRESS RELEASE: Rugby Against Cancer – The Final Trek 2021 – Press Release v2

How To Donate

You can support us by clicking on the link below to donate on our JustGiving page, or you can support the individual walkers by donating on their individual links further down the page.

THE FINAL TREK 2021 - meet the walkers

Aaron beesley

Portsmouth RFC

I’m taking on the 3rd trek because why wouldn’t I want to walk this incredible group?

We all know someone who has or has had cancer and if walking 80 miles can raise funds to allow us to help and support those that need it then so be it. The challenge is set to beat last year’s fundraising total.

Abigail Moyse

Former Portsmouth, RN & Fakenham RFC

My husband is still battling Thyroid Cancer and was diagnosed in Sept 2018. We are both very passionate about rugby, both former Royal Navy RU players and love that RAC has a platform to raise some money for such an amazing cause, so close to our hearts. 

We followed the journey of our amazing friends from PRFC and US Portsmouth, completing the walk last time around and want to get involved!

Adam Nicholas

Plymstock Albion Oaks RFC

Having lost both parents to cancer before the age of 30 the importance of finding a cure for cancer is extremely important to me and my family and where as several other ‘walks’ are aimed more for females, the opportunity to combine walking and rugby is massive and I know my parents who were both rugby mad and supported me throughout my playing career would have loved and supported this great cause and charity.

Adam Parks

Portsmouth RFC

I’m walking both as a challenge to myself but also in support of numerous family and friends that have been affected by Cancer.

Andrew poustie

Cancer affects so many people, everyone I know knows somebody who has had it or has had it themselves, anything that can be done to improve chances of recovery has to be done.

Anne Moffat

Tadley RFC

My Dad recently died of cancer so walking in memory of him. Also currently have a friend who is fighting cancer at present. Finally the challenge!

Chris morrow

Portsmouth RFC

Most of my earliest childhood memories are of my mum fighting, & ultimately kicking the arse of breast cancer. My dad wasn’t so lucky; by the time they diagnosed his pancreatic cancer in 2014 it had spread to his bones, liver and god knows where else, a couple of months later he was gone. 

I’m taking part for them and everyone else who’s been impacted by this nasty disease (+ my wife is walking too and if I don’t come along I will be stuck at home with the kids!)

chris osborn

Truro RFC

I want to spend as much of my spare time doing what I can to help others, which includes doing as many runs and walks I can to raise money for causes like this. Originally I wasn’t walking for anyone i know with cancer but I recently found out my friend has just been diagnosed with cancer so I’m walking for him!

chris Wreford

Portsmouth Vets RFC

Having enjoyed a number of RAC events from the sideline over the years, I thought it was about time I participated in one. RAC are doing fantastic work that has such a positive effect in the rugby community, so this is a great opportunity to support them, while taking on a great challenge personally.

Claire Harries

Portsmouth RFC

I wanted to support the challenge, to raise money for a worthy cause and involve my sons rugby club as well as showing support for family and friends who have suffered or are still in suffering.

Dan stoneman

Portsmouth RFC

I have seen this terrible disease take friends, family and colleagues and impact the lives of all of those around them. If by putting myself to the test will help raise awareness and, even better, invaluable funding then why would I not want to give this a go! 

I have personally benefited immensely from my rugby family, it’s more than a sport and a bit of exercise. I have seen, and continue to see, how the strength of the rugby family can support those through their darkest of times, including through this terrible disease and that’s why I want to walk for Rugby Against Cancer!

Daniel Gates

Portsmouth Vets RFC

Having lost family and friends to cancer, it would be great to help build awareness and funds for a great cause and doing so within an ever-building charity and rugby family.

Daniel Mitchell

Former Southsea Nomads

Walking on behalf of my Mum. When we discovered she had Cancer it was a shock to the family, this is my way of making a difference, getting up, getting going and hopefully making a difference to someone.

Daubroy Delahunty

Wadebridge Camels & Portsmouth Vets

Everyone is affected by cancer at some point in their lives either directly through family or friends. I wanted to do my part to show support for those fighting this horrid thing 80 miles will be tough for a front row forward and my trotters but in reality the blisters and sore aching legs are nothing compared to what people battling cancer go through and I am proud to be doing my part with Rugby Against Cancer.

Dean Oliver

Harlequins Amateurs

Always enjoy a challenge to push myself and a great opportunity to raise money for a great cause. 

Starting with a new club I wanted to set a challenge between the guys and build a bond between us.

Dom Francis

Havant RFC

Someone very close to me has recently been diagnosed with cancer and I know a number of people who have lost their fight to cancer. I want to do something to highlight this horrible disease and to also raise as much money as I can so that our amazing doctors can fight back

dominic smart

Saracens Amateurs

I would be walking on behalf and in memory of some close friends and family who have suffered, or are suffering from cancer.

Fred French

Portsmouth RFC

Because I can, and others can’t. To raise money for all that need it

Gemma Skinner

Portsmouth RFC Juniors

I’d like to contribute to finding a cure that has affected so many, some being my mum (twice) and two of my best friends.

harry hodell

Portsmouth RFC

I’m passionate about raising money for a great charitable cause having lost both family members and friends to Cancer. 

Over the last few years I have played in a few of the RAC charity games and completed the RAC Trek from Twickers walk in 2020 so I’m super keen to be part of the team on this new conquest!

Harry Stark

Harlequins Amateurs

Rugby has always been a passion of mine and my family and without it I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Having had a close family member affected by Cancer, I know how devastating it can be. Being able to raise money whilst supporting the sport I love is a perfect combination.

Helen Stone-Ward

This awful disease has impacted far too many friends and family so I decided to take part in this walk to raise money and awareness for such a great cause.

Ian french

Portsmouth RFC

Walking to raise awareness and much needed funds. Motivated by friends and family who have been touched by cancer.

Jack Goldberg

Saracens Amateurs

Having lost my grandma at 7, my mum at 9 and my grandpa this year by the age of 27 to cancer, I will be walking for them and for all those so sadly affected by cancer.

Rugby is a huge part of my life and I couldn’t think of anything better to raise money for cancer tackling causes with like minded individuals in the rugby family,  motivated by the loss, incredible memories and everlasting love for family members taken too soon.

James Bullmore

Saracens Amateurs

The majority of people know of a family member or friend who is suffering, has suffered, or will suffer from cancer, and far too many people lose that battle so anything that can be done to help is extremely important. With my auntie currently fighting breast cancer, the cause is particularly close to my heart, so I would like to walk for her.

James illingsworth

Tadley RFC

Walking to help those in need.

James Summersett

Harlequins Amateurs

My mum had breast cancer. When I heard about this cause and doing it with the club I couldn’t say no.

Jedd Owen

After having done the first 2 treks, I always wanted to finish what I started but the third walk is more personal after people close to me were diagnosed with cancer since the second trek. They battle to overcome such a horrible illness, I’ve just got to walk 80 miles.

Jenny Rooker

Portsmouth RFC Juniors

I imagine it’ll be hard but not as hard as the experience of cancer, treatment, and loss that has been endured by family and friends in recent years. If the money I can raise will help find safer treatment, fund nurses and support services then I’d walk it twice.

Keeta Rowlands

Portsmouth RFC

I’m doing this for those who aren’t able to themselves. It’s a huge challenge and a great way to raise money for Rugby Against Cancer because we all know… Cancer sucks!

Keir Smith

Guy’s Hospital RFC

I recently lost my Dad to prostate cancer, he was diagnosed when I was in my third year of Uni at King’s. Being involved in his care, and liaising with NHS doctors and nurses since then has made it a cause that’s really important to me personally.

Lee Chandler

Portsmouth RFC

I lost my best friend Adam to this awful disease and want to help in any way I can to Support others beat it! I’d love the chance to raise money for this amazing charity

Louis Mascarenhas

Harlequins Amateurs

I am walking for members of my family and friends that have battled with cancer in the past. Events like this raises awareness of this illness and to fundraise to support charities like Rugby Against Cancer.

Louise Morrow

Portsmouth RFC

I was blown away watching the team finish the 2020 event at Canoe Lake and decided on the spot that this is definitely something I wanted to do. Not just as a personal challenge (which it definitely is, as I’ve never done anything like this before) but as an opportunity to raise money and awareness for such an important cause that has affected everybody in one way or another.

Loz Blackburn

Havant RFC

Having lost my Grandad to cancer, now I want to try and help raise money to help fund research to stop this horrible disease.

Luke Povey

Harlequins Amateurs

My cousin sadly passed away at a very young age of leukaemia, I believe she was 7/8 years old when she passed. she would have been 18 this year. I’ve always wanted to challenge myself with something that will help as a family remember her.

Luke Richardson

Portsmouth RFC

Walking in memory of Adam Long and for all those that are fighting cancer.

Matt Davis

Portsmouth RFC

So inspired by what you all achieved last year and I want to be part of this. Lost family members to this horrible disease and good friend Sid Street is fighting this and being a top rugby guy!

Matt Farnes

Former Portsmouth & Worthing RFC

My best friend’s dad, my grandma, Adam Long, the list goes on. I want to give hope and strength to those who are struggling

Matt Mitchell

Portsmouth RFC

This is such a great cause and I have always wanted to be involved in some way, but due to life stuff getting in the way I have never managed to. I have lost, in the past, a number of friends through cancer and would like to do my part to raise as much money and more importantly awareness of this horrible disease as I can.

Michael cawthorn

Saracens Amateurs

I lost my uncle to cancer  this year which he had 3 times over 16 years. He was like a father to me as I lost my dad at 2 years old. He played rugby and was a big reason for me playing rugby.

Michelle Bailey

My partners parents both passed away due to cancer so would like to challenge myself and also raise some money at the same time.

Natalie Kelly

Portsmouth RFC

Cancer has impacted on our family and we would love to raise money and awareness with our rugby family.

oliver north

Former Havant RFC

I am a rugby brother who has experienced the harshness of cancer with close family, loved ones and friends.

Philip innis

I find this charity is amazing what they have achieved in such a short amount of time running. I’ve played rugby with the boys a few times and now getting on a bit I thought the walk was a good idea to help raise as much money as possible. I’m not doing this for one person a lot of people I’ve known have suddenly gone through this terrible disease and have lost the fight so I’m trying to do my part.

Rhys Priestman

Tadley RFC

Walking on behalf of my Dad who we lost to cancer last year.

Rob Eston

Saracens Amateurs

I would like to support all those people who have gone under the radar during this difficult time and through our own efforts remember the personal battles that those with cancer and their family and friends go through every day.

Sam Conner

Saracens Amateurs

A great opportunity to do something which contributes to taking on something which affects everyone. It’s a chance to test myself while fundraising and will be great fun I’m sure.

Sami Lewis

Guy’s Hospital RFC

I believe that cancer is one of modern society’s top medical threats. Many of my friends and family have been touched by this dreadful disease – thankfully everyone I know survived, but some do not. I believe that I owe it to them, as well as those who lost their battles to undertake challenges such as this, to make sure that more people can beat cancer in the future

Sandra Newsham

Portsmouth RFC

Because cancer hasn’t fucked off yet!

Simon bond

US Services RFC & Portsmouth Vets

After completing the trek last year, the sense of pride, accomplishment and knowledge that we had raised so much for a good cause was a feeling and experience like no other. Can’t wait to get back on it this year with faces old and new and in memory of my wife’s grandad Don who has recently passed away due to cancer

Simon Halliday

I’m doing The Final Trek in memory of my mother who sadly passed away from cancer around 10 years ago. I’ve done a fair bit of charity work over those years, but nothing like this. I’ve been following the work of Rugby Against Cancer for a while now and it certainly looks like a very worthy cause.

Simon Hart

I want to walk for all those who have and are suffering from cancer, and having lost most of my family to cancer. And of course having done the last 2 treks, for me it’s a must!!

Suzanne Bull

Former Valkyrie

Members of my family have been touched by cancer and come through it. These last 2 years I have become friends with a guy at work who has beaten lung and colon cancer before, unfortunately it is back with a vengeance in his lung and brain and he is now terminal. It’s bad enough having cancer let alone at a time when support is now limited because of COVID. It’s also the kick up the arse I need to address my own health, fitness and mental well-being

Stephen kelly

Portsmouth RFC

Cancer has had a significant impact on our family, and I would like the opportunity to raise money for an important cause with our rugby family.

Tamara Eston

Saracens Amateurs

We all either know someone personally or know a friend who knows someone who has been affected by cancer. Something we are still seeking a cure for.

Terence Reikert

Havant RFC

Our family has had many dealings with cancer over the years so anything we can do to help.

Tom Merrett

Havant RFC

i have seen the work that rugby against cancer does and after playing in a game with them i am keen to get involved in the other aspect of their charity work and it would also be a personal achievement to complete the walk

Vicky Cooper

Tadley RFC

So many of us have been touched by this dreadful disease, whether first hand or with a family member or friend. I’m doing it for everyone who has fought and continues to fight just doing my little bit to raise some money, some awareness and try and beat this disease

Will Brock

Havant RFC

Cancer has done too much damage to friends and family and hopefully the fundraising will go towards helping those who need it. 

I love a challenge and it sounds like a great group of people.

If you are interested IN being PART OF THE SUPPORT TEAM


Our walkers will be passing through the following rugby club checkpoints on their route - come down, drop in some change and cheer them on!

London Welsh RFC

Saturday 29th May

Old Deer Park, 187 Kew Rd, Richmond TW9 2AZ

Harlequins Amateurs

Saturday 29th May

Bushy Park, Hampton Wick, Kingston upon Thames KT1 4AZ

Old Cranleighans Rugby

Saturday 29th May

Thames Ditton KT7 0JF

Esher Rugby

Saturday 29th May

369 Molesey Rd, Hersham, Walton-on-Thames KT12 3PF

Woking RFC

Saturday 29th May

Byfleet Recreation Ground, Stream Cl, Byfleet, West Byfleet KT14 7LZ

Aldershot & Fleet RFC

Sunday 30th May

Heron Wood Rd, Aldershot GU12 4AL

Petersfield RFC

Sunday 30th May

Penns Pl, Petersfield GU31 4EP

Portsmouth RFC

Sunday 30th May

Hilsea, Portsmouth PO3 5EP

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