Mini interview with Hampshire Based Southsea Nomads RFC Captain Ben Horrod

Our next mini interview is with Hampshire Based Southsea Nomads RFC Captain Ben Horrod.

This interview has a bit more meaning for us as this is one of our closest friends and it shocked us when he told us about his diagnosis.

Rugby Against Cancer- Tell us about your Rugby Journey.

Ben HorrodI started playing when I joined my secondary school in the Lake District and instantly fell in love with it. I played throughout my time at secondary school and joined the local side to my school (Keswick) when I was old enough to play colts. I then went off to Uni in the midlands and played for my Uni (Staffordshire) and the local side (Stafford) for the 4 years I was at Uni. I then moved down to the south coast and joined Gosport & Fareham, I was there for 3 seasons before I joined Southsea Nomads where I have been for 8 years now.

RAC – What’s been the Highlight of your playing career so far?

BHIn my 2nd year at Uni we went undefeated in the league season and got to the quarter finals of the BUCS cup competition. This was the most successful season of rugby for our Uni ever.

RAC – When were you diagnosed with Cancer and what form of Cancer was it?

BHI got diagnosed at the beginning of September 2019 but didn’t find out the details until close to the end of September. I had stage 1 Seminoma cancer which is a form of testicular cancer.

RAC – How has the rugby community supported you?

BHMy teammates and club have been amazing with their support and understand. It is tough when you are captain of a club to not be involved but the lads and coaches have kept me in the loop with what is happening.

RAC – Do you have any advice for anyone currently dealing with Cancer?

BHJust be open and honest with the people around you. The more you do this the more understanding and support you will get.

RAC – How important are groups like Rugby Against Cancer in raising awareness and funds?

BH RAC and similar groups are massively important in raising the profile and awareness. It is too easily for people to glaze over what happens or think that it won’t be them.

RAC – In 3 words can you describe Rugby Against Cancer?

BHAwareness, supportive and community.

RAC – What are you looking forward to from the new season?

BHGetting back playing again and being back involved with lads. I just want to show that no matter what you go through you can always play rugby.


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