Rugby against Cancer TEAM

Ben - Trustee

Favourite Rugby Team

I guess I’m an England fan but I’m much more of a player than a spectator.

Connection to the Rugby Family

Player and coach. Started playing Rugby League at 7 and then progressed to ‘proper’ rugby. Have represented Cumbria and Hampshire as well as one or two clubs along the way. 

Reason for joining the RAC Family

In 2015 I lost my best friend, mentor and inspiration, my Dad. Rick was larger than life and was always the centre of things. We enjoyed rugby together, in fact we were watching the Rugby World Cup 2015 together the weekend before he died. I saw what cancer did to him and felt the irreplaceable hole it left in me. I will never speak to him again, here his laugh or garner his advice. I am truly lost without him. I knew that in his honour I needed to do something to give back and fight against the pain that this disease causes. RAC was the answer. 

To be able to help those suffering and their families to create memories and moments and hopefully come out of the other side. That’s what drives me, it’s what drove me through 2 ‘Treks’ and drives me to push harder and do more each day. 

What would you like RAC to achieve

I’d like to see RAC meet its goals and grow into a national organisation that harnesses the essence of rugby, that esprit de corps and that tenacity and focus it on the awful and indiscriminate disease that is cancer. To ultimately kick it to touch by helping all our community get through their challenging times.