Rugby against Cancer TEAM

Doubroy Delahunty

Favourite Rugby Team


Connection to the Rugby Family

Having the opportunity of moving around the country I have truly experienced the rugby family in action from playing in Ireland to learning the ropes at Havant and Portsmouth to Championship success at Slough and Wadebridge. Now, I love being part of The Bolingy Barbarians, a charity vets’ team in Cornwall.

Reason for joining the RAC Family

One of the major things about rugby is how the community pulls together to support each other. This indomitable spirit is something that should be protected and highlighted as something amazing within our sport being part of the first game, two of the treks and other games have made me want to help grow the charity.

What would you like RAC to achieve

I want RAC to become a nationally known brand with not class stash that looks cool, and people are proud to wear.