Rugby against Cancer TEAM

Jeff - Trustee

Favourite Rugby Team


Connection to the Rugby Family

I am an RFU National Panel member and have been involved in games at National 1, 2, The Championship, B&I Cup and the old European Challenge Cup. I have reffed at every level in Hampshire, including all the finals; Plate, Bowl, Cup Vets and Siam Cup. Two games really stick out for me, the first at Twickenham Stadium, when our own county Hampshire won the RFU County Plate – what an honour! 

Secondly being invited by Rugby Against Cancer to referee the first game in Hampshire. Since then I have become an active member of the organisation, supporting the team with officials for matches and drive to enhance the great cause. 

Reason for joining the RAC family

Being involved in Rugby Against Cancer is a way of trying to help, in any way I can, to fight this awful disease. My daughter and son are very much behind me with this and they attend events alongside me – it has become a family affair. 

What would you like RAC to achieve

I would like Rugby Against Cancer to become the best rugby charity to support people dealing with cancer.