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Jim's Story

Hello I'm Jim Pearce, Having retired from rugby due to injury, aged 28, I immediately got into coaching and managing the game

This allowed me to spread my wings and increase the network of friends I have within the game. Being involved with Rugby Against Cancer allows me to contact people I have been fortunate to meet and see if they would be prepared to put their boots on and play or help the charity out in some way. I love the ethos of Rugby Against Cancer and raising money for various causes to help those affected by this awful disease is one I really want to be involved in. The charity has supported a few cashiers so far but the ones close to me are The Rowans Hospice, where my mother spent her last days before passing in 2010 to ovarian cancer and SHINE Cancer Support, a charity for whom my wife is a volunteer having used their services during her recent treatment for breast cancer. There are many other people I want to honour by giving my time to Rugby Against Cancer and helping bring the rugby community together to support our own who are suffering.  

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