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Tom Varndell

Former England and Premiership Rugby Player

During my rugby career I have been involved with a lot of charities at one time or another, but I have to say that Rugby Against Cancer is something special.

Not only is Rugby Against Cancer raising money for a fantastic cause, it does it by bringing the whole rugby family togetherness feel with it. This for me is so special. Rugby is a game that has given me so much happiness and for the game and its amazing qualities, togetherness, teamwork, strength and enjoy enjoyment to name a few, to be used to raise awareness for something that does have such a huge effect on people everywhere is brilliant. When I came to last years event down in Portsmouth and walked into the rugby club I was blown away by the 100’s of friendly faces who were there to not only enjoy the day and have fun, but to show there support and for all the people who are effected by cancer daily.

Rugby Against Cancer for me is essential to not only for the rugby community who are effected by the disease but anyone who has be effected. To have a community and network who you can rely on for support is essential, and that is something this fantastic charity can provide.