SPORTTAPE join the Rugby Against Cancer Family to protect against injury and support recovery

Rugby Against Cancer are very excited to welcome SPORTTAPE to our family and have them as a new partner for our Charity as we continue to grow.

The support that the team are offering will assist at our fundraising events, for our players at matches and for those that we support who are dealing with a cancer diagnosis within the rugby community.

“Team SPORTTAPE is delighted to join the Rugby Against Cancer family as an Official Partner and tape supplier. As current and former sportspeople, we’re thrilled to form a bond with an organisation that combines a love of sport, with the desire to truly make a difference to people’s lives.

On a personal level, I fully understand the impact Cancer can have on families and friends in any setting. I’m really looking forward to working with Aaron and the Rugby Against Cancer team to help those whose lives have been affected by Cancer through the power of Rugby”

The team at SPORTTAPE have offered some great deals for Rugby Against Cancer, which will help us continue to provide support to those suffering from cancer.

Our followers can now use the exclusive discount code RAC10 on all their products placed through their website www.SPORTTAPE.CO.UK. From these purchases SPORTTAPE will donate 10% of the sale value back to the charity.

The partnership doesn’t stop there. The team at SPORTTAPE are offering to extend the partnership to include any rugby clubs that would like 10% OFF trade pricing and savings when they sign up for a club account with them. For each new club that comes onboard with SPORTTAPE we will get an additional 10% donation from those sales. If you are interested get in touch with the team and mention you have been referred by Rugby Against Cancer.

We are really excited about this partnership – and as a rugby-centric Charity and brand we hope it will thrive going forward.

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