The Rugby Against Cancer Committee has expanded!

We are excited to announce that the Rugby Against Cancer Committee has expanded!

As a charity that has been going from strength-to-strength over the years, the 6 committee members have managed to successfully grow the Charity to where it is now, but the time has come to welcome new members into the team to continue the success and help more people affected by cancer.

Time to introduce our new members:

Daubroy Delahunty – Kit and Merchandising Manager

“One of the major things about rugby is how the community pulls together to support each other. This indomitable spirit is something that should be protected and highlighted as something amazing within our sport being part of the first game, two of the treks and other games have made me want to help grow the charity.”

Camella Robertson – Committee Secretary
“Cancer is very close to home as I am a survivor myself, having been diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2012.  Like so many others, I have over the years helped raise money for various cancer charities. Volunteering for this role allows a greater involvement and I am keen to get started and feel very privileged to be given this chance.”

Jerry Cracknell – Volunteer Coordinator

“Rugby has had a positive impact within my family but sadly cancer has been a negative losing family & friends. I jumped at the chance to be able to actively assist in raising money and awareness of this great charity.”

Matt Davis – Grant Fund Manager         

“I want to be able to support rugby families through Cancer in whatever way is needed to make everything easier for families.”

David ‘Yorkie’ Smith – NHS & Capital Projects Manager

“I’ve seen this disease from all sides (living with Multiple Myeloma) and witnessed and received help from the rugby family.”

Harry Hodell – Corporate Partnerships Lead

Much like, I’m sure, too many others, I have lost both friends and family to cancer. Rugby Against Cancer has helped many people I know with treatment and support in their time of need. It is the community and the collective effort to help those suffering, directly and indirectly, that made me want to get involved with this incredible group of individuals some time ago. Rugby Against Cancer aspires to continue growing and helping those fighting Cancer and those who support loved ones in their lengthy battles with Cancer. The rugby community has been family to me wherever I have travelled and it’s this community that provides me with great optimism for the lives we can help save and change through the work that Rugby Against Cancer does.”

Pete Living – Fundraising and Events Manager       

“I’ve previously played for Rugby Against Cancer and helped out at The Final Trek. I lost my dad to lung cancer last year and want to help others as they go through a very difficult time in their lives.”

Rachel Living – Fundraising and Events Manager 

“Rugby Against Cancer is very close to my heart having lost my father-in-law last year. Having helped at The Final Trek we really wanted to get more involved.”

There are some very exciting times ahead for the Rugby Against Cancer HQ Team, and we are so grateful for everyone’s time and energy into the Charity.

Thank you!

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