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Opened right up, all my organs were moved mainly to the outside of my body, leaving the peritoneal nearly empty. This is when the miracle happened, all of the cancer that I had been riddled with had gone, like all gone…


He was my best friend, mentor and the man I most aspired to be like.

When I remember what it did to him and how unforgiving and indiscriminate Cancer is…

Lucy & Julian

I’m thankful for the life I now have with my family and friends, I will forever be grateful to the teams in Portsmouth and Southampton for helping me get through every day and giving me the opportunity to watch my beautiful daughter grow up….


I finished work and within seconds of him seeing and feeling it, I knew that it was more serious. I then had an ultrasound a couple of days later…


The greatest loss to myself was my mother, she passed away very peacefully of lung cancer, and my whole world fell apart. The lady was a strong person, with a belief to never to tell anyone what was right, and what was wrong…


An ambulance was called, and I was taken into hospital, my initial thoughts were that I must have slipped a disc in my back from lifting weights in training. That night I had multiple scans and was on a lot of painkillers so it’s still a bit of a blur.