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Ben Lanigan’s Story

In 2013 I received a call to say my dad who was working in Abu Dhabi at the time had collapsed and it was discovered that he has advanced Bowl Cancer. They operated and he survived an aggressive tumour, only to discover that cancer had spread to his liver. 

Two years of fighting and operations and plans for ‘when I’m clear’ ended with him passing away in 2015 at the age of 64. He was my best friend, mentor and the man I most aspired to be like. When I remember what it did to him and how unforgiving and indiscriminate Cancer is I want to do all I can with the time I have to help those suffering and fighting to put a stop to this horrific disease.  

I know I have said I’ve played rugby, but also I’ve witnessed first-hand how the RUGBY family comes together to support each other. 

The rugby community truly is an amazing place and really pulls together to help others where needed, so that got me thinking could I use rugby to help raise funds for these charities? Well, the answer is YES. So I have decided to call on the rugby family to help me raise as much money for these amazing charities so they can continue their amazing work. 

It is starting off as a small idea but who knows how big this could get… 

Please get in touch with me if you would like to help out?